“I suffered with tennis elbow for about 7 months. It hurt just to pick up a pound or two. I was recommended an elbow sleeve and a couple of weeks later no more tennis elbow. Great product. Thanks a ton.”

Paul J.
New York, NY

Elbow Sleeve


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Reparel™ Elbow Sleeve is a superior option as a component of non-surgical elbow pain therapy for acute and chronic inflammatory conditions of the elbow. It may alleviate symptoms commonly associated with tennis elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis.

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Measure the circumference around elbow joint. Measurements are in inches.
Small: Up to 10″
Medium: 10″-12″
Large: 12″+

FEATURES/BENEFITS: Non-compressive material is breathable and extremely easy to apply. Versatile, low-profile design is perfect for extended wear.

USE DIRECTIONS: Wear as needed. Can be worn 24/7 directly against skin.

RECOMMENDED WEAR: Wear while sleeping to capitalize on your body’s healing potential while fully and rest. Overnight wear also counteracts the natural reduction in circulation that you experience when sleeping.

WASH AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash cold, tumble dry low — Please do not use any Velcro straps or additional components to secure Reparel sleeves to your body.

PROPRIETARY FABRIC: a blend of technical fibers including polyester, nylon, and cotton. All Reparel products are latex and metal free.

10 reviews for Elbow Sleeve

  1. Blue

    love it

  2. Kristin Tubbs

    Works well to protect chaffing under knee brace

  3. Leo Lim

    It is helpful for reducing chronic inflammation

  4. Phil Wischerth

    i wound up buying 3 elbow sleeves (prescribed by my physician) because i could not be without one when i golfed or played pickleball. Need to cycle them though the wash so i always had one available. The flexibility and fit seems to last a while without getting too stretched out and becoming ineffective. Helps control my elbow pain real well.

  5. Richard Bryant

    I ordered an elbow sleeve. I found the sleeve to be good quality and I believe it aided in the healing process.

  6. Adam Taylor

    Comfortable and quality material.

  7. Ted Martens

    Works great

  8. Bob Baumgarten

    I recently purchased an elbow sleeve, I’ve been using a knee sleeve for several years with good success. I’m fairly critical regarding medical devices. I clearly notice relief of chronic knee pain with use of knee sleeve on hikes and dog walks … too soon to tell with elbow sleeve but it’s certainly comfortable.

  9. Rose Niccum

    Love the elbow sleeve it helps with the pain and is comfortable to wear.

  10. jeremy adler

    Got a cortisone injection then have been wearing this all night and partially during the day. It’s the first one that doesn’t turn my hand red from lack of circulation. This elbow support is fantastic. Going to be getting one for my knee next. Definitely recommend this.

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