Walking Boot Undersleeve


Reparel™ Walking Boot Undersleeve is the perfect complement to any pneumatic walking boot: it facilitates an exceptional fit while also resolving inflammation and reducing some of the associated pain of acute foot and ankle injuries.

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Measurements based on shoe size. Size accordingly if calf circumference is below or above listed range. Measurements are in inches.
Small: up to Men’s 8.5 / up to Women’s 9.5 // Calf size up to 14″
Medium: Men’s 9-10.5 / Women’s 10-11.5 // Calf size up to 15.5″
Large: Men’s 11+ / Women’s 12+ // Calf size 14″+

FEATURES/BENEFITS: Designed to be worn in conjunction with a foot and ankle orthosis or walking boot. Continue wear as needed to reduce swelling and pain once brace is no longer necessary. Recommended wear while sleeping.

USE DIRECTIONS: Wear as needed. Can be worn 24/7 directly against skin.

RECOMMENDED WEAR: Wear while sleeping to capitalize on your body’s healing potential while fully and rest. Overnight wear also counteracts the natural reduction in circulation that you experience when sleeping.

WASH AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash cold, tumble dry low — Please do not use any Velcro straps or additional components to secure Reparel sleeves to your body.

PROPRIETARY FABRIC: a blend of technical fibers including polyester, nylon, and cotton. All Reparel products are latex and metal free.


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