“I tried a Reparel knee sleeve about 2 weeks ago… the change is remarkable. The knee pain is all but completely gone… I’m ordering another one right now! Great product and it delivers!

Alan N.
Philadelphia, PA

Knee Sleeve


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Reparel™ Knee Sleeve is a superior option as part of a non-surgical knee pain therapy plan for acute and chronic inflammatory conditions of the knee. It may alleviate symptoms commonly associated with osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, tendinitis, and repetitive stress injuries.

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Measure the circumference behind the knee and around patella (kneecap) while leg is at a slight bend. Measurements are in inches.
S – up 15″
M– 15-17″
– 17-19″
XL– 19″ and up

If you find that you are in between sizes, determine the best fit for you by measuring up to 4 inches above your kneecap, and then follow these simple guidelines:

Small vs. Medium

If you measure exactly at 15 inches and not sure which size to select. Take a second circumference measurement at four inches above the top of your patella (kneecap), and if the measurement is less than 16 inches, select the smaller of the two sizes.

Medium vs. Large

If you measure exactly at 17 inches and not sure which size to select. Take a second circumference measurement at four inches above the top of your patella (kneecap), and if the measurement is less than 19 inches, select the smaller of the two sizes.

Large vs. X-large

If you measure exactly at 19 inches and not sure which size to select. Take a second circumference measurement at four inches above the top of your patella (kneecap), and if the measurement is less than 22 inches, select the smaller of the two sizes.

FEATURES/BENEFITS: Flexible, full-length stays prevent bunching without limiting range of motion. Non-compressive material is breathable and simple to apply. Designed for extended wear, with a brace if additional support is required.

USE DIRECTIONS: Wear as needed. Can be worn 24/7 directly against skin.

RECOMMENDED WEAR: Wear while sleeping to capitalize on your body’s healing potential while fully and rest. Overnight wear also counteracts the natural reduction in circulation that you experience when sleeping.

WASH AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash cold, tumble dry low — Please do not use any Velcro straps or additional components to secure Reparel sleeves to your body.

PROPRIETARY FABRIC: a blend of technical fibers including polyester, nylon, and cotton. All Reparel products are latex and metal free.

66 reviews for Knee Sleeve

  1. Adriana Eugenio


  2. Agnes Harmeling

    I had originally got this knee brace from my doctor. I was very happy. Th3 brace felt good and did not roll down.

  3. Alison Ho

    I like the compression that the knee brace offers.

  4. Amy Fitzpatrick

    Used Reparel on my knee which had an original injury 10 years ago and has been giving me trouble since then. Not only did it help my knee reduce swelling and feel better faster but was helpful in maintaining good mechanics to remind me to not over do it and cause more injury.

  5. Andy Adams

    Bought knee sleeve and wear it daily. Helps immensely by keeping knee joint warm with support as well. Also have ankle sleeve as well. Love Reparel products!!

  6. Betty Bobu

    The knee supports provide a reduction in pain with movement

  7. Bradley Gavin

    Nice, comfortable. My favorite knee brace (& I’ve worn a LOT!)

  8. Brenna Vicedomini

    Used after surgery for partial knee replacement, and it aided in pain management.

  9. Brian Jones

    Excellent support. Product is very comfortable and not burdensome on my knee.

  10. Bruce Conway

    my problem went away so quickly. It was maybe a knee sprain and reliefwas complete

  11. Cheryl Cha

    Wearing this knee wrap has significantly reduced my pain while enjoying the activities I love.

  12. David Zuklie

    Dr Paci recomends the sleeve, so I trust him.

  13. Edna Martinez

    I have gone through 2 knee arthroscopic surgeries on the same knee within 2 years. The knee sleeve i purchased has help with the recovery process for reinforcement and circulation. I aslo have rheumatoid arthritis and when the weather is cold the pressure causes a lot of pain and wearing the sleeve makes me able to tolerate the weather. The pain justs goes down when wearing the sleeve. And the best part is you can wear it under most clothing even skinny jeans. I am 200% satisfied with this product.

  14. Ellen H Reynolds

    Fantastic knee sleeve. Great help when I called.

  15. Eloise Ham

    The knee sleeves I purchased have helped reduce my pain considerably, especially when I’m playing sports.

  16. Gabriele Kim

    Easy to use with instant relief for my knee.

  17. Gavin Doss

    I had trouble finding a measurement guide for ordering sizes of the knee sleeve

  18. Giana Cardoza

    Product is great. I suffer from a bad knee (from a past ACL injury) and a bad elbow. (from years of work and ball play). These products significantly reduce my discomfort in day to day life.

  19. Gilberto Medina

    Excellent product, I use it all the time.

  20. Heidi Robles

    I wear it everyday, all day & feel that I have more support & strength in my knee!! I wish you also made this in a skintone or beige so that I can wear it with my dresses or shorts!! Thank you!

  21. James Jones

    Excellent service and product. Highly recommend Reparel!

  22. Jody Greene

    I really appreciate the comfort and convenience of this sleeve. I quickly swell up in compression sleeves, especially those containing latex, and I can wear the reparel sleeve for a full hike without reacting. It gives just enough support and I find my knees less inflamed at the end of a good long walk.

  23. Kathleen Huff

    It helped me more than any sleeve I have tried. Really helps at night!

  24. Kathryn Stevens

    Most comfortable knee brace I have worn and very supportive! I have already recommended Reparel to several friends who have knee pain.

  25. Kim Mannering

    I’m not sure what the problem was, but the sleeve was fine before going to bed. It was an Xtra large, but it somehow it would slide down and somehow push on the back of my knee and I would have to suddenly wake up and take it off. And then some mornings , I’d wake up and my toes were numb. So it wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small. Not sure what the issue was.

  26. Leonardo Tadalan

    The knee sleeves have definitely made a difference both during my normal work day and when I am playing sports or at the gym.

  27. Linda Howard

    I was told you could just put the Reparel sleeve in the washing machine. However, it ruined the side pieces and they crackle when I wear the Reparel sleeve.

  28. Linda Morgan

    It was comfortable but at times it did leave marks on my leg.I did wear it for 6 months after my surgery and still had a little swelling (per my surgeon).

  29. Luan Stauss

    The knee sleeve was easy to size, easy to order, and performed beautifully on my new knee.

  30. Marilyn de Kleer

    A number of years ago I purchased 2 knee sleeves on the advice of a knee specialist. I have worn them frequently since then, more often during the night but daytime also when my knees are especially painful. I find that they do reduce and sometimes even eliminate my pain. They are comfortable to wear.

  31. Mark Trommsdorff

    The Reparel Knee Sleeve is the best sleeve type brace I’ve ever used. Decades of knee pain and assorted braces finally led me to having both knees surgically “rebuilt”, one at a time. Both surgeries were very successful but still didn’t give me a pain free condition. My surgeon recommended the Reparel sleeve, and it’s been wonderful. It gives light support and stability and comfort. I wear one on each knee all the time. They are “all day” comfortable, which is very helpful.

  32. Mary Kay Lynch

    Fits well and gives support at night to help healing process after surgery. Appreciate the prompt service!

  33. Matthew Anderson

    I liked the knee brace quite a bit. The gentle support kept me feeling confident with activity.

  34. Merrylen Sacks

    Easy, comfortable and helps stabilize my knees when either standing or walking long periods of time..

  35. Michael Chen

    Comfortable, been using a couple of months, and subtle, but is helping my knee/meniscus. Others that I have (Amazon and Costco) have given me allergic reactions with prolonged use. Reparel has not, and is my go to.

  36. Michael Morosin

    The knee sleeve I purchased was well made and immediately benefitted the condition of my knee in preparation for knee replacement so that post surgery mobility was improved.

  37. Mike Glabman

    I got these for my dad, who has OA in both knees. He loves them and wears them all day everyday. He tells me his pain is reduced if he wears them.

  38. Mylene Amador

    I stand by the product as it is the MOST comfortable sleeve that I have ever tried on. The knee sleeve relieves me of my median meniscal tear and helps control swelling.

  39. Paul Gaglia

    Gives great support.

  40. Phyllis Vasquez

    I have bone on bone knee pain and the Reparel knee sleeve allows me to be fully active without pain.

  41. Rich Opp

    So very happy with the overall product experience.

  42. Robert Costello

    It certainly helped me

  43. Rudy Roberts

    The knee sleeve has been a life saver for me. I shattered my leg 2 years ago, and have 13 screws and 2 plates holding it all together. The sleeve gives just enough support to make it comfortable and stable.

  44. Sean Helle

    I have purchased several knee braces over the years, but the Reparel knee sleeve is, by far, the best one.

  45. Shaune Montross

    During the pandemic, my husband and I decided to follow the Stairways of SF book, and we walked each of the San Francisco Stairways, with my Reparel sleeve on each and every time.

  46. Tad Benson

    My Reparel knee sleeve fits snugly without being uncomfortable or impairing movement. That makes my knee to feel secure and stable while allowing me to do physical therapy and walk more than I could without the Reparel knee sleeve. I highly recommend breathable and comfortable Reparel products over neoprene sleeves that cause sweating and discomfort the longer a person wears them.

  47. Tommy Spencer

    Product is great.

  48. Virginia Thorson

    Product is great.

  49. Katherine Wang

    this knee sleeve has helped me with inflammation greatly!

  50. Terrence Gallagher

    I got this on the recommendation of the orthopedic doc prior to my partial knee replacement. It was a great help both pre & later post-surgery. I still wear it on a regular basis as it is a big relief from nagging knee pain. My only gripe is that after a while of having it on it tends to slip down a bit. Tugging it up is worth the relief it provides.

  51. Maureen

    Injured my knee hiking and the pain wouldn’t go away. Orthopedic Surgeon suggested a knee brace. Bought different braces that made the pain manageable but didn’t make it better. Someone suggested the Reparel Knee Sleeve. I don’t wear it to bed but it helps during the day while exercising and everyday activities. My knee is slowly feeling better after almost 9 months. Only brace that has helped. I even bought a second brace,.

  52. Karen Leo

    This product was prescribed by my doctor. It is soft yet supportive. I’m buying others for my husband and niece.

  53. Pat Bilthouse

    The most comfortable I’ve ever worn. So glad my doctor recommended it.!

  54. Adrianna Sigler

    This Brace was recommended from our surgeon after ACL surgery. I feel secure when I have the brace on and confident that I will not hurt myself again. The brace is comfortable and does not roll up at all!

  55. Karen

    No other knee sleeve has given me as much support and as much comfort.

  56. Bill Lapworth

    Knee sleeve is comfortable, provides some support, and has helped immensely with my recovery!

  57. Mylene Amador

    The knee sleeve is the best sleeve I have used and still using. It gives the right amount of compression and support that my knee needs. Having been diagnosed and operated on for my torn meniscus, the knee sleeve provided pain relief and comfort. I am on my feet all day as it’s what is required of my job and Reparel is a genius in creating this technology. The material does not cause irritation, the flexible support wire on the lateral sides is flexible! As in everything else, when it does get worn it would start to be looser and will slide but I would gladly buy another one if it means less pain for me.

  58. Robert Verdegaal

    Very comfortable and helped to keep swelling down and supprt the knee

  59. Jerome Spector

    Doctor recommended the knee sleeve after my knee replacement. I don’t think I would have recovered as well, as comfortably & completely without it.
    Thank you.

  60. Debi Heusser

    Seriously – the BEST knee brace I’ve ever owned. I have knee pain from an old injury. This was a godsend!

  61. Merrylen

    Comfortable, and allows me to walk, workout at gym and stand for some time while cooking/baking.

  62. Julie B.

    I have bought 2 of these for my husband. After receiving the first one, he liked it so much he wanted a second one for the other knee. His knees cause him a lot of pain, especially since his work requires considerable bending and kneeling (HVAC technician). His orthopedist recommended the Reparel knee sleeve and my husband found that it provides a lot of support, but it is not restrictive at all. He’s had these several months and both are holding up very well. Strongly recommend!

  63. Ingrid Hart

    My Surgeon recommended I order this knee sleeve after my torn root meniscus. It has helped with support through PT as well as daily activity. It is a great product that I can highly recommend. I ordered one for a friend who had a knee replacement, they are waiting to receive it.

  64. Michael Freeman

    As someone who has always been active in my life, it was incredibly frustrating and scary when I thought I’d no longer be able to be active without a lot of pain in my knees. I’ve put them through a lot and they were telling me I was done.

    Then I met a very kind doctor at Stanford who recommended I try the Reparel under brace sleeve to wear under a new unloader brace he gave me. I frankly didn’t believe what he was telling me about the sleeve, but I wanted a solution so I was willing to try it out. Within two weeks most of the pain was gone and I could see the progress I was making. I eventually bought these knee sleeves and where them daily on both knees. It is amazing how much they help keep swelling down and pain away despite the miles of walking and hours of soccer and rock climbing I put in each week. Thank you Reparel!

  65. Tammy Garrett

    I purchased a medium knee sleeve to aid in my daughters ACL tear recovery. The compression of the sleeve provided stability, pain relief, and comfort. The quality of the sleeve is great. No seating or irritation to the skin

  66. Tammy

    I purchased a medium knee sleeve to aid in my daughters ACL tear recovery. The compression of the sleeve provided stability, pain relief, and comfort. The quality of the sleeve is great. No sweating or irritation to the skin. I recommend.

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