“These work great on my forearms!!!!!!!!! Started working the second it went on. Don’t want to take them off. “

Matthew B.
Pittsburgh, PA

Arm Sleeve


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Reparel™ Arm Sleeve is a superior option as a component of non-surgical pain therapy for acute and chronic inflammatory conditions of the arm. It may alleviate symptoms commonly associated with bursitis, tendinitis, ligament tears and more.

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Measure the circumference around the center of bicep. Measurements are in inches.
S/M – 10″-13″
L– 13″ and up


FEATURES/BENEFITS: Non-compressive material is breathable and extremely easy to apply. Versatile, low-profile design is perfect for extended wear. *If you suffer from severe upper extremity lymphedema, please consult your physician before using Reparel as part of a comprehensive lymphatic management program.

USE DIRECTIONS: Wear as needed. Can be worn 24/7 directly against skin.

RECOMMENDED WEAR: Wear while sleeping to capitalize on your body’s healing potential while fully and rest. Overnight wear also counteracts the natural reduction in circulation that you experience when sleeping.

WASH AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash cold, tumble dry low — Please do not use any Velcro straps or additional components to secure Reparel sleeves to your body.

PROPRIETARY FABRIC: a blend of technical fibers including polyester, nylon, and cotton. All Reparel products are latex and metal free.

1 review for Arm Sleeve

  1. Millie Perich

    I used the arm sleeve following a complex shoulder replacement. My arm was swollen, hard and painful. The sleeve markedly reduced the swelling, the area of hardness decreased as did the discomfort. Amazing!! My doctor was amazed too.

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