As soon as Reparel’s bioactive fabric contacts your skin, it accelerates your body’s natural healing process by improving circulation and cell function at the injury site, to promote tissue repair —-thus moving inflammation forward.

Unpacking Inflammation- one more time.

  • Virtually everyone has experienced inflammation, and those with serious joint injury or recovering from orthopaedic surgery understand that mismanaged inflammation is capable of complicating and prolonging the recovery processes. Controlling inflammation is the established practice among many medical professionals for this reason.
    However, at Reparel, we don’t think of inflammation as the ‘bad guy’.

    Inflammation is your body’s natural reaction to tissue injury or trauma; it’s a fundamental and necessary component of healing and recovery. The same way your body’s immune system fights infectious germs and bacteria, it also initiates the inflammatory response, flooding the trauma site with specialized cells to initiate blood clotting and limit the potential damage.

  • Nope. This is often a point of confusion.

    Inflammation is your body’s defense response. Swelling is a byproduct of early stage inflammation — think of it like a mess left over by the crisis squad, piling up faster than your body can clear it away.

    Clearing swelling = good. Your body must get rid of this waste for the next phase of healing to begin.

    Stopping the inflammation response = not good. Preventing the entry of the crisis squad will only slow down healing.

  • There are three main stages.

    1. First is the one you’re probably familiar with — your body’s immediate inflammation response to the injury, where the crisis squad zooms in. In this phase, you may feel pain, swelling, heat, and loss of function.
    2. Next is the initial repair phase, where your body begins to mend the injured tissue. This is where Reparel makes the biggest impact. That’s because the real obstacle to healthy healing isn’t too much inflammation — it’s inefficient resolution of the inflammation. Your body must clear away fluids and dead cells left over by the inflammation in order for the next phase of healing to begin. That’s where Reparel comes in.
    3. The last phase of inflammation is regeneration and rebuilding. If the cycle goes according to plan, this is when your body finishes healing the injured area. But if something goes wrong with the inflammatory process, it can prevent proper healing, leading to tissue generation, pain, and sometimes chronic inflammatory conditions.

    Reparel works with your body’s natural inflammation process — letting your body do its work, but with guard rails in place to ensure you heal properly.

  • No. It may look like just a sleeve, but there is powerful technology inside the fabric that is not right for every injury.

    Reparel IS shown to be helpful for:

    • Acute inflammation (sudden injury causing inflammatory symptoms) — for example, after a sprain, a surgery, or a ligament tear.
    • Degenerative inflammation (deeper joint damage caused by stress, overuse, or aging) — for example, carpal tunnel, tendinopathy, or osteoarthritis.
    • Nerve injuries caused by stress or trauma — for example, neuropathy or nerve entrapment.


    Reparel should NOT be used for:

    • Autoimmune conditions or inflammatory disorders — for example, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, multiple sclerosis. With these conditions, the body’s immune system is attacking itself, leading to pain and injury.  In this situation, it is NOT advisable to use Reparel, as it will accelerate an unwanted immune response.
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