“My left foot was broken at the ankle, and I made a very speedy recovery with the Reparel Ankle Sleeve, I’m back now for the Wrist Sleeve.”

Marty M.
Long Island, NY

Ankle Sleeve


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Reparel™ Ankle Sleeve is a superior option as a component of non-surgical ankle pain therapy for acute and chronic inflammatory conditions of the foot and ankle. It may alleviate symptoms commonly associated with plantar fasciitis.

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Measuring instructions: Based off shoe size.
S/M – up to Men’s 8.5 / up to Women’s 9.5 (A/B Width)
L– Men’s 9-12 / Women’s 10-13 (D Width)
XL– Men’s 12.5+ / Women’s 13+ (or 2E/4E Width)



FEATURES/BENEFITS: Non-compressive material is breathable and extremely easy to apply Versatile, low-profile design is perfect for extended wear. Use Directions: Wear as needed. Can be worn 24/7 directly against skin.

RECOMMENDED WEAR: Wear while sleeping to capitalize on your body’s healing potential while fully and rest. Overnight wear also counteracts the natural reduction in circulation that you experience when sleeping.

WASH AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash cold, tumble dry low — Please do not use any Velcro straps or additional components to secure Reparel sleeves to your body.

PROPRIETARY FABRIC: a blend of technical fibers including polyester, nylon, and cotton. All Reparel products are latex and metal free.

10 reviews for Ankle Sleeve

  1. Araine Panzone

    Having posterior tendon tendonitis, the Reparel ankle support gives the perfect amount of support I require. Frequently, I sleep with one on each foot. I highly recommend the Reparel.

  2. Hal Abrahamson

    Feels great and helps with my pain in my elbows

  3. Kirk Lay

    Noticed greater joint flexibility and reduced swelling

  4. Patricia A Weathers

    Helps to stabilize my knees and provides pain relief and prevents swelling. The only draw back is the top portion rolls after wearing it awhile.

  5. Tolin Farrell Farrell

    The knee sleeve gave the freedom to do All of the outdoor activities I used to before knee issues

  6. Lindy Bell

    I’ve been using this ankle sleeve since diagnosed with posterior tibial tendinitis by my podiatrist. I am so thankful my podiatrist sent me home with this, and I have since ordered at least 3 more. The first one is still in perfect condition since May 2020.

  7. Bryan Sheldon

    Absolutely Magical! — After the very first night I stood up and my ankle felt better than it had in months. I couldn’t believe it and have shared the results with all my friends!

  8. Monica Lopez

    Just had my hardware removed and was dreading the aftercare progress. The Sleeve gives me that “good pressure/support “ one looks for when the boot is removed and elevating. It was easy to slip on for not being able to have the full range of motion. Feels great in the boot and gives a sense of support and peace of mind

  9. Gregg Larson

    I suffer from chronic Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in both my feet. The ankle sleeves are the ONLY thing that has reduced my pain and symptoms.

  10. Amy Matheis-Soliman

    Does support the ankle well and alleviates pain and swelling. Help heal faster as well. Soft fabric if comfortable.

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