“My mother-in-law came into town yesterday and she was complaining of knee pain so I had her try on the knee brace that I had ordered for myself. She LOVED IT! Woke up this morning with significant less pain and able to walk better when getting out of bed.”

Alicia L.
Greenwich, CT

Knee Brace Undersleeve


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Reparel™ Knee Brace Undersleeve is the only dual-purpose suspension sleeve commercially available. It delivers both a more comfortable brace fit AND the added benefit of reduced pain and inflammation. We use a comfortable, breathable technical fabric that is far superior to the conventional neoprene or cotton suspension sleeve currently offered by major brace manufacturers.

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Measure the circumference of thigh, 4 inches above patella (knee cap). Measurements are in inches.

Small: less than 16″
Medium: 16:-19″
Large: 19″-22″
XL: 22″ -25″
XXL: 25″ +


FEATURES/BENEFITS: Designed to be worn in conjunction with a hinged/unloaded brace. Continue wear as needed to reduce swelling and pain once brace is no longer necessary.

USE DIRECTIONS: Wear as needed. Can be worn 24/7 directly against skin.

RECOMMENDED WEAR: Wear while sleeping to capitalize on your body’s healing potential while fully and rest. Overnight wear also counteracts the natural reduction in circulation that you experience when sleeping.

WASH AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash cold, tumble dry low — Please do not use any Velcro straps or additional components to secure Reparel sleeves to your body.

PROPRIETARY FABRIC: a blend of technical fibers including polyester, nylon, and cotton. All Reparel products are latex and metal free.

3 reviews for Knee Brace Undersleeve

  1. Valerie

    This sleeve was recommended to me by my surgeon following knee surgery. I am so pleased that I went ahead and purchased it. It provides great support throughout the day and really helps my swelling and pain. It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t make me itchy or sweat like the older, neoprene sleeves I used to wear years ago. I am really pleased with this product!!

  2. Steven

    I absolutely love this knee brace. I have really bad knee pain from torn ligaments and as soon as I started wearing this brace within a few days it was reliving my pain. I can’t go without wearing this brace. It truly works. I highly recommend this brace. I am going to recommend this to my doctor and let him know it works and could work for others.

  3. Cynthia

    Excellent fit and comfortable. The top occasionally rolls down but nothing like other knee sleeves I’ve used in past. The material pills a bit, but again the relief the sleeve gives supersedes the pilling. I only wish I had started using it sooner post op total knee replacement. A friend suggested it was helpful at night when even the sheets on knee was uncomfortable. It has helped me sleep better as well.

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