Reparel Testimonials

“I have chronic knee pain which I have been treating with the knee brace. When worn daily during sleep it virtually eliminates pain and significantly reduced discomfort in the area. I have also recently injured my wrist and after several weeks of no relief bought the wrist brace. Within a few days the pain subsided, and range of motion increased. In still wear a support brace when I work out but the Reparel sleeves are amazing and really work to promote healing.”

Efrem A.

“I put one of your non-compression sleeves on an athlete who was post-op with an ACL and the swelling in her knee has been dramatically reduced. The sleeve is more comfortable then some of the other products we’ve tried on the market and she loves it! I really feel like the sleeve truly helps draw fluid and tissues up to allow for maximum benefits.

So glad one of our team physicians recommended it. Would recommend these products for so many different things!”

BJ Ercolino, MA, ATC, CES Athletic Trainer Stony Brook University

“My rotator did not hurt AT ALL today! So amazing. Thank you for hooking all of us up. We all love your product!”

Christi S. Participan Hunstman Senior World Games

“I’ve been using the Reparel™ achilles and leg sleeves to help aid my recovery after a long bout of achilles tendinopathy. I can’t say enough good about it – the sleeves have dramatically decreased my day to day pain and allowed me to bounce back into my next day training runs with much less difficulty – they’re now part of my regular recovery after runs!”

R. Kent Kurfman, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC Endurance athlete specialist

“Dr. Boone told me to let you know that patients love your sleeves. They are working very well.”

Rosie Ybarra Practice Administrator Fondren Orthopedic Group

“I suffered with tennis elbow for about 7 months. It hurt just to pick up a pound or two. I was recommended an elbow sleeve and a couple of weeks later no more tennis elbow. Great product. Thanks a ton.”

Paul J.

“Just wanted to let you know that I am continuing to receive great feedback from the Vets who have used Reparel sleeves. The sleeves have been effective in treating epicondylitis and CTS. They particularly like that they can wear it for extended periods and that it helps to manage symptoms/discomfort.”

Stanley Uzochukwu,MD Salisbury Veterans Hospital

“I tried a Reparel knee sleeve about 2 weeks ago… the change is remarkable. The knee pain is all but completely gone… I’m ordering another one right now! Great product and it delivers!”

Alan N.

“Y’all definitely have my testimonial on the Reparel sleeves! My knee has been feeling great!! I play soccer twice a week and my patella tendon bothers me for a day or two after and now I don’t hardly feel it!”

Brent H.

“I use the knee sleeve to help me with my daily walk (2-4 miles).”

Mike G.

“I’ve worn compression garments daily for 8 years, with very little deviation from that habit. Over the years my Juzo compression sleeve has placed a lot of extra pressure in the fold of my elbow, contributing to increased pain that I have now had over the last year. My elbow pain has been waking me up during the night, at which time I would remove my night sleeve (reid sleeve, a foam core that creates gradient pressure during the night, moving lymph fluid up) to decrease that discomfort. I wore the Reparel arm sleeve by itself for one night, and while I could not visibly see that swelling was decreased, I didn’t feel that the swelling had increased during the night. My elbow pain was gone however, and for me that is a definite improvement. Since then I have been wearing your sleeve underneath my night sleeve and my elbow pain is gone in the morning. Now I have been wearing that sleeve every night, and my elbow no longer hurts. Thanks so much.”

Karen S., COHN-S Occupational Health Nurse, UNC

“Oh my god. This sleeve is absolutely amazing. Can I order another from you for my other foot so they can be worn at the same time? Since I started running again my bilateral plantar fasciitis is back in full force. I cant believe how much better the sleeve makes it feel. I appreciate you sending me one the first time and if you need to bill me for this one please do. I really appreciate it.”

Ashley S.

“I have peroneal tendonitis on my left foot that has been a problem for some time. It seemed to subside over the summer and then flared up over the past week with increased running. This morning it was killing me so I put on some topical analgesic then the Reparel™ ankle sleeve. . . I didn’t even take Motrin yet and it feels much better!! Cool:)”

Cindy P.

“My patients are loving the sleeves. I use them on all my totals. Switch from Teds to Reparel at one week post op check”

Dr. Christopher Ihle Community Hospital

“In my experience of 20 years working in the military and civilian healthcare, I have seen all types of sleeves for pain and swelling reduction and they all have their ups and downs. The Reparel™ does exactly what it claims to do and is a plus for all surgical candidates and non-surgical candidates. I will continue to use this product on my patient who need a device under their brace and pre and post operatively.”

Mike K. Clinical Director

“I was very pleased with overnight use, decreased aching and improved sleep.”

Dr. Charles Rhoads

“I had my knee surgery three weeks ago and started wearing the sleeve two weeks after my surgery. I am very pleased with sleeve. This is the third arthroscopic surgery I’ve had on my left knee over the past 30 years and the Reparel™ knee sleeve is by far the best I have used. It breaths well, stays in place as expected, is very comfortable and most importantly provides excellent support. At some point I will probably want a second sleeve since I bicycle 80-100 miles a week and will need the support for the foreseeable future. This is a great product!”


“The elbow sleeve has done very well! My husband loves it, he has a lot less pain at night with it on, he’s experimented with and without it and sleeps with it now. He compared it to the Copper Fit that he has, and Reparel works way better than the Copper Fit for him.”


“Holy crap this elbow sleeve is awesome man! I do not exaggerate when I say that my elbow pain and discomfort is eliminated completely… I wear it at night, especially before chest day which is when I experience the most discomfort. Any chest press or push up I do usually cause a good bit of pain when my elbows are at a 90° angle. I normally only notice the pain in my right elbow, funny thing is my right elbow is so pain free that I now notice pain in my left elbow! I guess since it is much more severe in the right arm I never noticed the left side’s discomfort. I’m sold, I will be ordering another one of these for my left elbow.”

Jacob S.

“I have prescribed four of the boot sleeves with CAM boots since I bought those and three of the patients have purchased another one saying that the boot was “OK” but the sleeve is awesome. I will definitely be placing another order here soon. Awesome product. My patients love it.”


“My grandma thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I had my mom order her one for her ankle too. Thanks so much!!”

Sean C. MPT

“Wore my sleeve all day on my left knee which I had replaced in June of last year. Had a 10 hour day and normally when I get home after a day like that it is dead. But man, it feels like it does at the start of the day!! Awesome.”

Bob B.

“Patient with TKR (Total Knee Replacement): developed painful swelling 4 days post-op which necessitated stopping PT (Physical Therapy)—made him bedridden in tremendous pain.

Placed him in long-leg Reparel therapy. Pain and swelling resolved within 24 hours. Patient was extremely appreciative of the treatment and remarked that it was incredibly easy to apply—compared with the compression stockings he had seen his parents, and others, struggle with.”

Dr. Michael J. Maynard Hospital for Special Surgery
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